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This is a list of the most relevant projects that I was participating in. For the description of my responsibilities within each project please refer to my CV.


The READY4SmartCities is the FP7 European project which intends to increase awareness and interoperability for the adoption of ICT and semantic technologies in energy system to obtain a reduction of energy consumption and CO2 emission at smart cities communities level through innovative relying on RTD and innovation outcomes and ICT-based solutions.


The SEALS project is the FP7 European project which aims for developing a reference infrastructure known as the SEALS Platform to facilitate the formal evaluation of semantic technologies, and tends toprovide the evaluation results for several types of semantic technologies through several public evaluation campaigns.


IntelLEO is the FP7 European project that aims to explore supportive technologies for learning and knowledge building activities of learners in Intelligent Learning Extended Organisations. I am participating in the development of an ontological framework API to support the IntelLEO paradigm (see more).

Smiley Ontology (SO)

People use emoticons every day as the easiest and most interesting way to express their emotions, state, or action. But their use is limited for many reasons. Smiley Ontology is an ontology that aims to enable interchange of emoticons between different systems, without any loose of its semantics, and to enable the capture of semantics of emotions and emotional states that are widely spread across the web. For more information visit SO official wiki.

Online Presence Ontology (OPO)

Online Presence Ontology (OPO) is an ontology which aims to model the dynamic aspects of a user's presence online and to enable exchange of the Online Presence data. OPO enables the integration of various information about a user's online presence, and the transfer of online presence related data from one service to another without the loss of semantics. For more information, visit the OPO's official web site.


Synesketch is an artistic software library with synesthetic abilities, created by Uros Krcadinac. It is a Web's first free open-source textual emotion recognition and visualization engine code that feels the words visually. It's interesting, it's fun, it's genious! Visit Synesketch's official wiki.